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In fact, Lal Kitab mandates in very clear terms, that any book dealing with this system must be bound in non-shining, red color. Nothing much has changed on English landscape. Lal Kitab has given detailed grammar rules for analyzing chart and the cause of problem should be identified using the grammar and the remedies should be suggested to solve that particular problem. We will take the result as complete mix of both the planets in aspected house.

These three books are also worth noting – 1. Theory or practical alone will not be much useful. This page was last edited on 19 Novemberat This is lal kitab ke armaan pdf download a book on Palmistry aspect of Lal Kitab. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Hindu astrology Indian non-fiction books Urdu books.

Lal Kitab 1941

A book to worth to read Thanks to Sh. Monday, February 16, Lal Kitab in Hindi. Remedies should always lal kitab ke armaan pdf download suggested by analyzing the overall chart and should not be given for individual planet position.

In Hindi and Urdu languages Lal means the color red and Kitab means a book. Though, in my opinion, the quality of translation is not very good and so this book must be used in conjunction with any other book. We all know that Lal Kitab is excellent system of astrology.

Lal Kitab – Wikipedia

There are many astrologers donload have good command over Lal Kitab. The best choice in English is available lal kitab ke armaan pdf download the form of Lal Kitab translated by Goswami and Vashishta and published by Sagar Publications. If You have this treasure with you. If the aspecting planet is giving good result in the house occupied, it will give bad results for aspected house.


It is not the recommended book by experts. It’s a greatness of Shri Yograj Ji, Please accept my good wishes for your qrmaan work for Astro lovers.

Lal Kitab Item Preview. Above questions are raised again and again in armaann Lal Kitab discussion forum. You can also join my Lal Kitab on discussion group on Facebook.

My email id is — tangobox32 hotmail. Hindi transliteration of edition by Pt. I bow my head before your selfless dedication, may God give you and your family health. Retrieved from ” https: And now you upload your own publication that was selling like a lal kitab ke armaan pdf download cake.

I have seen some good discussions are going on. If you can read Urdu well, there can be nothing better than that. But as not many options are available, it is not a bad idea to take lal kitab ke armaan pdf download of this book. Your sacrifice is a historic one and the coming generations will jitab you as a passionate, dedicated, selfless and the true son of Lal Kitab.

Here I armaaan to salute the expert Lal Kitab astrologers we call them Lalkitabists in the forum who are selflessly helping others in learning this great branch of astrology.

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