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Down the stairs you are into the entrance area. Printed versions are given free in Paris Tourism Office map of paris metro pdf download ticket desks in stations. Small stations have boarding platform with trains going to both directions. There is a second page inside that document, with handy tips on how to go to the airports by metro, a smaller RER map and a table where metro stations are referenced, so you can find them easily on the map.

Both apps have the same basic features of route finder and Google street map as well as simplified metro maps.

If the doors do not open you need map of paris metro pdf download lift the handle or press the button in the middle of metto door to have it open. They were thinking ahead, in particular, to the upcoming World Fair paros The second screen in the process, allows you to select the type of tickets you would like to purchase. Montmartrobus detailed PDF map is showing all the bus stops of this service in Montmartre.

The metro in Paris is the most efficient way to move around the city during your visit.

Paris metro map pdf Print metro map pdf. The options you purchase will be recorded on an electronic memory card inside the pass. Paris Digest Paris city guide since Tickets are sold through automated machines at stations. Map of paris metro pdf download first train leaves the terminus at 5. Most of the time you will have to ride several lines to complete the trip, in which case note down which stations to hop off and on metro trains, to connect between lines.

Paris metro map PDF in English

Both maps are complementary, the complete one to located your position pariis destination and check map of paris metro pdf download nearest stations, and the second one to figure out the metro lines easily.

The fourth option is the language option already discussed. That is a lot of information on one document. Between the two wars, lines 9, 10 and 11 were opened and the two management companies merged into one.

From onwards, Grand Paris Express will be a massive extension of the transportation system. Enter your point of departure and destination and map of paris metro pdf download will draw the shortest trip, with connections and time of travel. Single tickets and books of 10 are both available from every metro stations either from vending machines or ticket desks.

Kap are lots of ways you can lower this unit cost by buying in bulk 10 tickets paros or purchase metro passes.

Map of Paris

Tickets are available online here. When transferring between the metro and the RER, it is necessary to retain the ticket. You are searching for a sign with the metro line number you want to ride downloda with the final station name on that line in the direction you want to go.

Download This PDF plan to your computer. Printable Paris metro map. It is also sold in many shops map of paris metro pdf download book stores, coffee shops, cigarette and magazine stores that show the RATP sign RATP is the name of the public company that runs the metro lines.

Trains on any line will travel to the end station on one side and then back. The sign indicates the time remaining until the arrival of the next train. Paris metro information The first train leaves the terminus at 5.

Print and bring with you RER metro map pdf. Metro passes allow for unlimited metro trips. Download tourist travel kit in English with sights and metro lines. Metro station entrance are indicated by a metro signage.

The Map of paris metro pdf download company that runs Paris metro has created a very handy interactive online metro map in English that you can use. The text in the middle of the screen is the instruction that tells you diwnload to do next to get started. There are two versions of it. The nice advantage over a PDF or paper map is that they will indicate ot current position on the metro plan.

On purchase, you choose the number of days of validity depending on the length of your stay and the zone coverage.

The city is plagued by traffic jams like most big cities in the world. The remaining two belonged to Nord-Sud the current lines 12 and Maps are available dowlnoad all metro stations. However, a few of these commuting passes will be suitable to visitors: Preparing for your trip If you are not familiar with moving around Paris by metro it is advised that you do some trip preparation before you go to the starting station. The next metro should be there within the next 5 minutes.

RER trains have only 5 lines crossing the city, with a lot fewer stations. Both models follow the same buying process. Metro map of paris metro pdf download are paid with tickets sold in every metro station, either at a vending machine or a ticket desk, if one is available in the station you are in. Gathering your trip details from dpwnload metro plan or map You will map of paris metro pdf download two types of metro maps whether it is an electronic or paper version.

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