Also, I can hear that the fan is working, but it still seems to overheat. I have no idea what the deal is unless there are some settings i need to adjust that im not aware of. I took the screen apart and found that the power cable connecting the output of the inverter to the screen was damaged because of the bending motion, all it needed was some resoldering and voila it works fine. Where should I start? Maybe the inverter is going bad.

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Once again I reverted to the original inverter and the screen is bright… brighter than with new inverter.

I have the same problem as GC post number hl except that I have a zv laptop. The screen blacks out, I cannot see anything; but the backlight is still working. hp dv6408nr

I explained how to remove the bezel in one of the previous post and linked to it at the beginning of the post. Just to db6408nr you hp dv6408nr such a great piece of advice! Bp you think the power adapter may be generating a spike which is causing the inverter to fail or might the backlight lamp be failing hp dv6408nr need to be replaced?

I have another laptop hp dv6408nr not able to transfer the data from this laptop to the new one. So hp dv6408nr would think the LCD display is going or can it just be the inverter board.? The laptop works fine but i have to hold the screen and press it at a certain position for it to work. Does anyone have any suggestions as to why dv408nr is happening? Replaced both the LCD cable and the inverter.

The hp dv6408nr laptop I have worked fine on the external. If you purchase the right replacement screen and replace it properly, everything should be fine.

The laptop itself works normal and the picture is alright on an external screen. I already know how to get the the LCD screen thanks to your guide.

I can still see things on it. I switched back to the old screen hp dv6408nr had the faint images again. Compaq Presario V Series: Time has not healed my laptop. Before ho a new screen you should have tested your laptop with an external monitor and find out if the same problem appears on the external video.

Would changing the LCD fix this problem? Open up the display cable and reconnect cables hp dv6408nr both sides. I had always suspected some type hp dv6408nr loose connection, but was very leary of taking this hp dv6408nr apart.

How to remove screen on HP Pavilion dv6000

Great guide, and thanks in advance for your wonderful help. I ended up putting the original inverter back in hp dv6408nr laptop and it was working fine until just moments ago.

On mine, the screen inverter was just hp dv6408nr underneath the bezel. I replaced the board a second time and again powered up the laptop on the battery and the screen was fine again.

Power Jack Repair Replacement Fix on Laptops

Turned on my computer, and got nothing. You see, the new inverter-screen pair changed the way your backlight fails a little bit. I removed the display assembly and some small pieces fell out of the display lower housing, where the hp dv6408nr hinge would fit hp dv6408nr. I have dv and a dv It should install the camera driver automatically.

Took me a while to find this service manual for HP Pavilion dv6 series notebooks. Hp dv6408nr ordering the screen and with hp dv6408nr awesome instructions I can replace it!

If not help, try replacing the LCD screen. My fooling around then made the display show up in 4 quadrants on the screen.

01, Laptop Parts, Laptop DC Power Jacks

Try reseating the video cable connectors on both the LCD screen and motherboard. But it works fine with external monitor.

Disconnect the video cable and release the wireless antenna cables. Again, if I hook it up to a monitor I can see. Every other component has it but the mobo has not got it on… Mine is a webcam type of pavilion… SN: Do you think maybe I just got a bad screen hp dv6408nr I was very frustrated when I broke my screen hp dv6408nr closing the top. I have dv model dvea and it shows hp dv6408nr strange symptoms found nowhere else.

Some help here would be great.

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